About us

With advancement in the digitalization of medical devices, diagnosis and treatment technologies are developing remarkably fast. Most of the data is displayed on a PC screen, so in the consultation room it is easy to look only at the PC. No matter how high the diagnostic accuracy, patient satisfaction cannot be obtained through medical care that only looks at PCs. We think that this is one of the causes of patients making many different clinical visits.

In response, we want to open up clues through auscultation. When performing auscultation, the distance between the doctor and the patient is short. We believe that the closer the physical distance is, the closer the distance of the mind is, and that trust is born. We believe that trust reduces the number of visits to clinics and thus reduces the burden on doctors and medical staff.

On the kikuzosound.com (auscultation portal site), many sounds such as heart sounds and lung sounds are released. All sound sources are processed in-house, but if you listen with an appropriate acoustic device, you can hear a realistic auscultation sound that is almost the same as the actual case. Auscultation is better the more you listen. Please listen to a lot of the sounds on this site and improve your auscultation technique.

The more you listen, the better your auscultation skills!

CEO Kiyoshi Fujiki
Telemedica Inc
9-1, Tsutsujigaoka, Aobaku, Yokohama, Japan