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Sounds list of Kikuzo 70 items


Number Title File format
Heart Sounds-1 S1 < S2/Normal mp3
Heart Sounds-2 S1 > S2/Normal mp3
Heart Sounds-3 S2 split with respirations mp3
Heart Sounds-4 S2 fixed split mp3
Heart Sounds-5 S3 gallop mp3
Heart Sounds-6 S4 gallop mp3
Heart Sounds-7 Summation gallop mp3
Heart sounds-8 Early systolic murmur/Innocent mp3
Heart sounds-9 Middle systolic murmur/AS mp3
Heart sounds-10 Middle systolic murmur/ASD mp3
Heart sounds-11 Late Systolic murmur/MVP mp3
Heart sounds-12 Holosystolic murmur/MR mp3
Heart sounds-13 Holosystolic murmur/TR mp3
Heart sounds-14 Early diastolic murmur/AR mp3
Heart sounds-15 Middle diastolic rumble/MS mp3
Heart sounds-16 Continuous murmur/PDA mp3
Stepwise lesson-1 mono mp3
Stepwise lesson-2 S1 < S2 mp3
Stepwise lesson-3 S1 > S2 mp3
Stepwise lesson-4 Sound 3 mp3
Stepwise lesson-5 Sound 4 mp3
Stepwise lesson-6 S2 split mp3
Stepwise lesson-7 Early systolic murmur mp3
Stepwise lesson-8 Middle systolic murmur/AS mp3
Stepwise lesson-9 Middle systolic murmur/ASD mp3
Stepwise lesson-10 Late systolic murmur/MVP mp3
Stepwise lesson-11 Holo systolic murmur/MR mp3
Stepwise lesson-12 Holo systolic murmur/TR mp3
Stepwise lesson-13 Early diastolic murmur/AR mp3
Stepwise lesson-14 Middle diastolic rumble/MS mp3


Number Title File format
Lung sounds-1 Tracheal sounds mp3
Lung sounds-2 Bronchial sounds mp3
Lung sounds-3 Vesicular sounds mp3
Lung sounds-4 Fine crackles 1 mp4
Lung sounds-5 Fine crackles 2 mp4
Lung sounds-6 Fine crackles 3 mp4
Lung sounds-7 Coarse crackles 1 mp3
Lung sounds-8 Coarse crackles 2 mp3
Lung sounds-9 Coarse crackles 3 mp3
Lung sounds-10 Wheezes monophonic 1 mp3
Lung sounds-11 Wheezes monophonic 2 mp3
Lung sounds-12 Wheezes monophonic 3 mp3
Lung sounds-13 Wheezes polyphonic 1 mp3
Lung sounds-14 Wheezes polyphonic 2 mp3
Lung sounds-15 Rhonchi1 mp3
Lung sounds-16 Rhonchi 2 mp3
Lung sounds-17 Squawk+CoarseCrackles1 mp3
Lung sounds-18 Squawk+CoarseCrackles2 mp3
Lung sounds-19 Squawk+CoarseCrackles3 mp3
Lung sounds-20 Pleural friction rub mp3
Lung sounds-21 Tracheal+Heart(S1<S2) mp3
Lung sounds-22 Bronchial+Heart(S1<S2) mp3
Lung sounds-23 Bronchial+Heart(S1>S2) mp3
Lung sounds-24 Vesicular+Heart(S1<S2) mp3
Lung sounds-25 Vesicular+Heart(S1>S2) mp3


Number Title File format
Bowel sounds-1 Normal 1 mp3
Bowel sounds-2 Normal 2 mp3
Bowel sounds-3 Normal 3 mp3
Bowel sounds-4 Metallic sounds mp3


Number Title File format
Korotkoff sounds-1 PR 56 bpm mp3
Korotkoff sounds-2 PR 64 bpm mp3
Korotkoff sounds-3 PR 68 bpm mp3
Korotkoff sounds-4 PR 76 bpm mp3
Korotkoff sounds-5 PR 80 bpm mp3
Korotkoff sounds-6 PR 84 bpm mp3
Korotkoff sounds-7 Arrhythmia mp3
Arteriovenous shunt-1 Continuous murmur 1 mp3
Arteriovenous shunt-2 Continuous murmur 2 mp3
Arteriovenous shunt-3 High-pitched sounds mp3
Arteriovenous shunt-4 Intermittent murmur mp3